As a performer, trainer and writer, Greta has a wealth of experience in both commercial and business theatre. Since 1998 she has created educational and entertaining programming (ranging from training seminars to company parties) for numerous organizations across the country, and has traveled extensively as a motivational speaker and meeting facilitator.

As a speaker and facilitator, she is in high demand for her ability to creatively engage an audience. From design to delivery, her energy, enthusiasm and unique skill-set make her an exciting addition to any event.

“Stop Eating My Food!”

(and other things you’d like to tell your co-workers.)

Girl With Guitar manages to find a humorous way to get your corporate message across whether it's learning sensitivity to cultural diversity issues, increasing customer service awareness, or even dealing with sexual harrassment.

Some of the Twin Cities premier actor/improvisers, highly experienced in the art of corporate training, lead a series of interactive seminars that are both entertaining and educational. Thru improvisation and interactive exercises, they help you take a light-hearted look at some serious issues.

Past Topics Include:

Accountable Leadership
Creativity and Innovation
Conflict Resolution
Success and Goal Setting
Customer Service
Office Etiquette
And numerous theatre workshops for a young audience.

Sample Workshops:

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FIND YOUR LIGHT: other valuable lessons a life in the theatre teaches

STOP THINKING, START DOING: An interactive improvisation workshop

Staying Sane from 9 to 5:
Conquering Workplace Frustration

Leadership and The Peter Pan Principle: Inspiring Others to Jump

The Outrageous Success Workshop:
What’s She Got That I Ain’t Got?

...and other things you’d like to tell
your co-workers

For a complete listing of available workshops, please contact Greta.