...and other valuable lessons a life in the theatre teaches.

INNOVATION is huge buzz word these days.....

Ordinary People + Ordinary Problems + Ordinary Thinking
= Extraordinary Solutions

  • The best theatre is about Ordinary People solving Ordinary Problems in an Ordinary Way. BUT, it needs to be extraordinary so an audience will pay to see it.

  • In theatre you are told where to stand, what to say and what to wear. BUT, within those constraints, the performer is expected to create something unique and innovative.

  • A performer will be expected to create that “extraordinary experience” night after night, even when they don’t feel like it.

How can you be creative, both inside and outside of the box?
Even when you don’t feel like it?

About the workshop: Grosch and her team of professional actors/teaching artists/workshop facilitators will present a half day workshop focusing on how theatre skills can translate to the business world. Using example, audience participation and a great deal of humor, participants will walk away realizing that, within the constraints of their day to day work, they can create something new. Something INNOVATIVE.

Theatre terminology will include: Motivation, Reaction, Commitment, Overcoming Obstacles, Perception, Timing and Reading the Room

Theatre is about communication. If the audience can’t see you, your message will be lost.
One of the first lessons a burgeoning theatre artist learns is “find your light!”
When you feel the warmth on your face, the process can begin.

How can you FIND YOUR LIGHT so you can be effective in the workplace?