...and other things you’d like to tell your co-workers

Manners matter at work. Most people spend more time with their co-workers than with their families, and when co-workers are considerate of each other the workplace is a more pleasant place to be. Unfortunately, cell phones, personal e-mails, and office collections for the umpteenth bridal or baby shower have destroyed some of the boundaries that once characterized professional behavior.

That's where office etiquette comes in. Setting formal limits on behavior reduces the chance of conflict. Rules that decree whether or not you can play music in the office, or take personal calls in open space, help keep people from upsetting one another unnecessarily.

Some of the Twin Cities premier actor/improvisers, highly experienced in the art of corporate training, lead this workshop on office manners. These professional actor/educators present an interactive seminar that is both entertaining and educational and addresses some of the issues of manners in the workplace. Thru improvisation and interactive exercises, they help you take a light-hearted look at some of the following issues: Is it appropriate to answer my cell phone in a meeting? How do I handle subjects like death and divorce in the office? How do I let my co-workers know how I feel about office friendships?

The basic principles of etiquette never change: respect and consideration. This workshop offers an opportunity to discuss how you can help make the office a more pleasant place to be.