The Outrageous Success Workshop: What's She Got That I Ain't Got?

Using outrageous characters, music, and audience interaction, Greta Grosch gets workshop attendees fired up about success and risk taking in their own lives and work places.

In this highly entertaining and motivational session, entitled “What’s She Got That I Ain’t Got? An exercise in facing your fear of success” participants will be asked to play Simon Says, to assess their own value systems, and to set specific goals for themselves in order to go back into the world and GET WHAT THEY WANT. Topics include:

  • How to Define Meaningful Personal Success
  • The Art of Strategic Planning to Get What You Want
  • The Attitude of Success
  • Failure is Opportunity in Disguise

Using her unique brand of storytelling, real life applications and audience interaction, Grosch encourages her audience to do the things that frighten them most, and to realize the possibility that awaits them.